Friday, April 08, 2011

back into the trees


after literally months of thinking about it and wanting to get back to this project and being way laid at every turn, I finally got this spread out on the work table and did one side of the "texture" painting

I used air brush ink with a textile medium and a sheet of small bubble wrap "scrunched" up to create this "leaf" look that will serve as the furthest back layer of color

today I will move the piece over so I can do a similar thing for the redwood tree

this means that probably tomorrow I can start attaching the aspen leaves that will be appliqued flat (the next layer of color)

it feels good to be actually working on this again -- and at least right now it looks like I can just continue with it -- no new baby quilts to create, and the other two quilt pieces that are actually in progress can be neatly worked around this one

looking good

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AlisonH said...

That's coming together nicely.