Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bracelet Bonanza!

one of my favorite projects to create is bracelets

cuff bracelets to be exact

and recently I've not done many of these because the cost of the metal blank that I had been using keeps going up and up (like a lot of other things!)

this week I've been trying to spend some time researching different things online to see if I can improve my visability (and sales) in my Etsy shop

today I found some really good information about a new source of metal bracelet blanks for a lot more reasonable price

whoooo hooooo

so after payday I'll be ordering some for making more bracelets (I have some design ideas that have been floating around for a while, wanting to get out into the "real" world)

oh yes, I'll be listing these bracelets in my Etsy store soon too!

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AlisonH said...

I found myself exclaiming Oh WOW out loud as the photos opened up. WOW!