Wednesday, April 27, 2011

no, we're not there yet

even though I spent some more time on the rock garden beading yesterday, it's going to need another day to be complete

maybe today

the afghan, however, has another section complete -- 85% finished --- yippee

and I have begun stitching on the last color of the last feather on the Hoffman piece

yesterday the DH had his appointment with his surgeon and he is now starting to do exercises to build strength in the repaired arm and shoulder -- a big step forward -- and because his surgeon is a "full service operation" (my words), he will still be doing these things every day at home under their instruction instead of going somewhere else two or three times a week -- not only does he get more exercise and progress faster, it is much easier on our budget

this morning I took our only vehicle to the mechanic -- they are going to try to figure out why the little light that looks like a motor on the dashboard is on -- I'll be waiting for them to call and tell me what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it

ok, I'm going back to my recliner now to resume the alternating ice and heat on my back while I wait for that phone call from the mechanic -- the back is still yelling that it's not happy, so I'll be moving slowly for a while longer

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