Thursday, April 14, 2011

don't call me Mary

I have not yet begun to be contrary!

work continues on the rock garden

the beading is now starting to run up the narrow sides

because I believe that even a piece of this size should actually be wearable, I'm now having to pay closer attention to the size of the beads that I use on the inside edge of the stitching --- don't want to use anything that would scratch the neck along there

I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday afternoon taking some new pictures of some of the bracelets -- when I list them on Etsy, just one little quick snap shot isn't enough -- I need to let the viewer get a real feel of the piece without being able to touch it -- I needed to have pictures that show each piece from every direction so you can see the patterning all around and see what the edges and the inside look like too

I'm pretty pleased with how these came out, so now I need to get some of these out there!

another pattern section is now complete on the afghan

it is now 75% complete

this evening is my guild meeting, which will be fun -- tonight's speaker is going to talk about using up our scraps -- and since I'm pretty guilty of keeping anything bigger than a postage stamp "just in case", it will be good to see some creative ways to use these

I'm hoping for some ideas for pieces smaller than 6 inch squares to make into charity quilts that don't take forever to complete

time to get busy on the things I need to do before that meeting

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AlisonH said...

You can see the forest for the beads in there.