Monday, April 11, 2011

focus on deadlines

heh, right

the deadline for this piece is May 9

guess I'll be spending a little more serious time on it here this week

I HATE working right up to the last minute -- that's always when something goes "hinky" and causes a lot more stress than I need to deal with, so yes, more time on this project is in order

note that all of that to the right of the blue flowers was added yesterday -- rolling along
and there are now a few more leaves on the aspen trees

now if the real things in my yard would get with it -- they are starting to get leaf buds though, it won't be long now

today, being Monday, I'm doing laundry and we're finally getting the fertilizer on the front yard, watering it in as we go since the weather witches promised moisture but it did not materialize


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AlisonH said...

Looking good!