Sunday, April 10, 2011

nature pieces and Mr. Cute

my daughter sent me this picture of Mr. Cute

such an adorable child

he's sitting in his car seat here

no doubt they were getting ready to go somewhere

I just love the way he smiles (and he giggles too!)

yesterday my daughter took him to have an "official portrait" done, and I've seen the proofs and let me tell you, he is VERY photogenic (my daughter always photographed well too)

hey you kids doing all those commercials -- you got NOTHING on Mr. Cute!

the garden continues to grow

while I was looking for something else I found some more flower beads in a couple of other colors

like blue

I like that little addition

at long last we have moved beyond the bare tree branch stage

(how appropriate -- it's Spring after all!)

I stitched this first leaf on yesterday afternoon and there will be more to follow

lots more

its really nice to feel like this piece is actually moving along again

so perhaps today there will be more stitching -- on many things!

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

He is adorable! And I'm enjoying watching the rest coming to be, but you know he steals the show.