Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr Cute and the Killer Bunny

my daughter sent me this picture of Mr. Cute

he's laying on a texture blanket that I made for his mommy when she was about this age (it's kind of cool to be able to see it in use again)

and that blue rabbit? -- I knit that for my daughter two or three years ago --- it's totally kid safe, so why not?

a request has been put in by his mommy for me to knit him a monkey toy since they refer to him as the "lil' monkey" -- can do!

I don't have any pictures of work done yesterday -- the laundry got finished, and I worked on the rock garden

and I spent a lot of time in my recliner with alternating ice and heat on my back -- when I got up yesterday it felt a little sore and it just got worse as the day went on -- totally frustrating

today's "must do" list includes taking the DH for his 3 month after surgery appointment, where the doctor may start him on strength training if he feels the healing has progressed far enough -- baby steps!!

back to the ice packs

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AlisonH said...

He's so cute!

Best wishes to your hubby. Take good care of yourselves.