Wednesday, April 20, 2011

totally unexpected

the box arrived yesterday

I knew it was coming soon since the Fire Mountain folks had notified me about the posting of the winners on the competition

along with my piece of jewelry (which was wrapped in YARDS of bubble wrap which I totally appreciate!) was a gift certificate that I can use when I make my next supply order

and the certificate that says I was a finalist in the Swarovski Elements design competition
what I didn't expect was the second certificate that actually looks like one of the advertisements they run on the back covers of magazines

and the little card that says my piece might actually get used for one of those back cover ads


I'm so thrilled

(and that website work I've been procrastinating on -- I need to get to that -- because my website would be right out there on that ad!)

so after that I worked for quite a while on the next piece I'm doing for one of the Fire Mountain competitions

and I'm almost to the end of this side of the necklace

hopefully today I'll get this edge done and get on with the other side

I went through my bin of upholstery fabric and picked out a sort of cocoa colored piece that I will use as the back of this piece --

I'm definitely getting excited about having this finished

still working on the Christmas project afghan in the evenings

it is now 80% complete

and last night I finished the knitting of the blue lace piece, so it is ready to be bound off now

one more cuff bracelet added to Etsy

I want to put the piece that just came home out there too, but I need to take some new photographs and it's been too cloudy and gray to do that

maybe tomorrow

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AlisonH said...

Oh that's so cool! Congratulations, and well deserved!