Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the work continues

but I didn't take any pictures yesterday

you'll have to make do with a picture of Mr. Cute that I took the weekend we were at my daughter's

she and I were working on projects -- she's whipping along on his scrap book (creating some awesome page layouts, I might add) and I was working on the Hoffman piece

Mr. Cute is sitting in his high chair with some of his toys, overseeing the process

I hear via excited text message that Mr. Cute rolled himself over last night while his mom was watching (he did it for the babysitter a few days ago) --- soooo cool!

yesterday I actually accomplished a lot of work -- laundry complete, front and back yards fertilized and watered, and work done on the bead work, the thread painting, the afghan and the lace knitting

this morning I need to make a run to the office supply store for some copies and the postal stop for stamps (and to mail some "squishies") and the grocery store before I can get to work on projects again ---

time to get to it

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