Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter?

somehow that lyric just doesn't sound right!

but never the less, we woke this morning to about 2 inches of heavy wet snow on all the grassy surfaces

since we had just planted potatoes and onions out in our garden, I'm happy to have the moisture

and happy that the sidewalks and streets are just damp -- not icy and not requiring shoveling!

yesterday I finished the beading on the rock garden

before I cut into the fabric, I always coat the back of the bead work with Fray Check to seal off all of the threads

so while that was drying I created the beaded toggle that will be half of the clasp

hopefully today I'll be able to start attaching the beading to the backing

this is the exciting part -- we're getting closer to being done!

I had entered this quilt for a show titled "Sacred Threads"

yesterday I got the email telling me that it didn't get in

while I'm disappointed, I have to say I'm not totally surprised

this was one of my first applique pieces and as I look at it even in this photo I can see lots of things that need to be improved -- and when I made it I did it for personal reasons, not really with the idea it would ever be entered in a national show

I've seen some photos of some of the quilts that did get in to the show, and I think the curator of this show was looking for pieces more symbolic and not so literal

so this quilt goes back in the box of the items that I will hang at Christmas in my home, and I'm still thinking about a whole new piece that I may do to enter in this show two years from now

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AlisonH said...

Snow. Wow. The weather does know it's the end of April, right? You can tell that cold weather to just bead it.