Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!

it's finished!

all of the edges neatly covered with beads

and I still have plenty of time to finished up the paper work that is required to enter it in the competition

and I really like the way this one came out

today I'll start in on the list of materials that has to accompany the entry form -- that will take a while!

despite several days of thunder snow and waking up to about 3 inches of snow on the ground yesterday, the robin thinks it's time to build a nest

I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday afternoon when I spotted this robin pulling up the dead grass in the front yard and taking it off into the big blue spruce tree that stands at the corner of our house

the lighting was pretty dim, since it was cloudy, but I still managed to get this shot of the robin with its beak full of dry grass

pretty neat

time to run the vacuum again and gather up some nice soft dog hair for them

this photo should be titled "monkey business"

a quick trip to my local store yesterday afternoon and now I'm ready to start in on the toy for Mr. Cute -- and it was nice to reach for the gift card from my daughter when I got to the check out!

the van has been repaired -- almost $400 worth, but the light on the dashboard is off now -- seems there was a leak in the intake manifold gasket which could have gone on to be an even bigger and more expensive repair if I hadn't had it taken care of -- it will be a very tight month, $400 takes a huge bite out of our already tight budget

my back continues to be a problem -- our scheduled trip to Denver on Saturday for the quilt show where my piece will be on display may not happen -- no point to my going when I can barely walk around the house


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