Monday, June 06, 2011

are we there yet?

I've been working on the quilting of the Hoffman Challenge piece

trying to get it finished enough that I can take it for the guild meeting on Thursday evening, because after that it will need to go off in the mail

after fussing for a while about how to quilt the sky I went with the "random doodling" approach

as the DH pointed out the rest of the top is pretty closely quilted, so to leave that area almost unquilted just didn't work

but I'm definitely ready to be done with this piece -- other pieces crowding into my head demanding to be worked on!

work on the zebra bracelet continues

another whole section of black is completed and another started, and the white area between them is complete

doing zebra patterning is always fun because I usually have black and white thread in needles to work back and forth without having to pause between sections
I've been going through my cases to pull out and list jewelry on my Etsy store

last week one of the pieces I had done went from the "list it on the store" tray to the "rework it" tray

yesterday afternoon this one made a similar trip

I like the basic style of this piece, and the really nice pieces of lapis I used in it

even like the slightly different way I made "bails" on each end and attached the "chain"

but that fringe? eh, not so much

so while I have all those blue beads out to work on that first piece I might as well make this one really awesome too

the sky is still orange

I took this picture about 5:30 pm yesterday

when I can look right at the sun at that hour of the day there's definitely something icky in the air

this morning is no better, and we'll continue to have this issue until Arizona gets the fires under control or the upper level winds shift

our plans for doing heavy outdoor work have been modified to doing little pieces of things and not over exert while we're breathing all that smoke

today there is a planned trip for fabric to back that baby quilt and to get some fruit at the grocery store, and the usual Monday laundry needs to be completed before I can get back to work on that quilting

time to get busy

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AlisonH said...

Love the beading, worried about those fires. Our skies were filled like that a few years ago, including one fire just a couple miles up and across the freeway--be super careful for me.

(This comment writing interrupted by a magnificent big vivid orange, white and black Black-Headed Grosbeak flying in, first time I've seen it this year. Gorgeous!)