Sunday, June 05, 2011

Edible art?

on Saturday evenings we sometimes go very low key on the meal plan

yesterday was one of those days -- I made a pizza

this one came out looking especially nice

(and it tasted really good too)

we didn't eat all of it (I can remember the days when we would have -- we've gotten smarter as we've gotten older -- at least some), so there will be some nice lunches this week too

if you'd like to have a go at one of your own, I've posted the recipe I use here

my daughter has a friend that is having a baby -- so I made a tour through my sewing fabric stash to see if I had any prints that could be used to make a tied comforter

I discovered I had about 3 yards of this bright kid oriented print

so now I just need to find some fabric that will work for the back and binding and pick up a batting then my daughter and I can put this together

(oh joy, there is a 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby in today's paper -- guess where I'll be going for a quilt batt!!)
yesterday afternoon I finally got back to working on this piece of beading

the first of the black beads all stitched, ready for a ring of white beads around it

then more black -- then more white -- and it really didn't take very long to do this little section, so now that it's in the work rotation it should get finished pretty quickly

this is charity quilt top number 6 for 2011

the fabric that is the borders and appears in random places through out the top I purchased last weekend on sale to go with those other fabrics

fabrics that came off the put and take table at last month's guild meeting

and it's finished well ahead of Thursday evening's deadline -- which is when the next guild meeting is and I hope to pick up some more fabrics to turn into another top

on to the next one!

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AlisonH said...

Whichever baby gets that teddy bear quilt is going to be very very happy, and so will their parents.

The blue one's pretty, too, but as a new grandma that teddy one is pure delight.