Tuesday, June 21, 2011

zebra bracelet complete

ta da!

the bracelet is now finished and ready to be listed on the Etsy store


today's bead work will involve taking apart those two lapis pieces that need to be fringed

the borders on the Hawaii piece are now all stitched

the top left and bottom right corners are mitered which is why I had to cut the wide pieces twice

I forgot to allow for that mitered corner


now it's on to adding that palm tree silhouette in the bottom right corner

I'll probably get started on that part today

stitching of big yellow petals on the cone flower piece continues -- two and a half petals are done -- only one and a half to go

over a month ago I was talking about working on a piece to enter in the fine arts division of the State Fair

then I went away to the conference

and then my computer crashed

and I wanted to get the Hoffman piece done

and start on the Keepsake competition piece

yesterday I was reminded by one of my email groups that I had declared this a goal to be completed for THIS YEAR, and I needed to quit letting the "fear factor" stop me from getting to work on it

yesterday afternoon I pulled out the paints and the stamps (the rubber stamps were already cut) and within half an hour I had the stamping done for the two panels I needed to do

dragon at bay for one day anyway


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AlisonH said...

Drawing: one zebra telling the other, Bead it!