Thursday, June 09, 2011

First Harvest

one of the nice things about planting two big packages of onion sets is that you can start "harvesting" little green onions early on

and its actually a good thing for the plants to thin them out and let the ones that remain in the ground get bigger for the next harvest

last night I was doing a stir fry, and needed a few

you can tell by the picture that we planted both red and yellow sets (and no I didn't put them in separate rows -- they're just all in there together)

these were quite tasty -- and because I know what the soil was they were planted in and what the water source is that has watered them I wouldn't be afraid to eat them raw if I wanted to drop some in a salad -- if you're wondering why there is an uptick in people doing "urban homesteading" the recent food born illness in Europe should give you some clue

and as I look at this photo on the blog I can see that this would be something to consider as a piece to be turned into a quilted multi media piece --- hmmmmm, think the photo file needs to get saved as possible inspiration

this morning it is cool and cloudy -- mowing the front yard will not be as hard as I thought it would be -- yippee

and I'm hoping to get it done quickly so I can get some work done in the studio before I head off to my quilt guild meeting this evening



AlisonH said...

Those look very enticing. I really do need to figure out where to put my tomato plant rather than just admiring it in its little pot on the patio--it's not gardening, but it's a start.

Del said...

I have a few names for your pictures of "What is a Quilt?", but don't have an e-address for you.