Sunday, June 26, 2011

a small side trip

yesterday we made a trip to visit with my folks -- mom needed me to hem some drapery panels for her, so I took along my sewing machine and by the end of the afternoon I had all of them ready to be hung as soon as they decide what kind of rods they're going to put up

sometimes the trip to visit my parents is short and painless

and sometimes all it takes is one driver doing something out of the ordinary and we sit in traffic for twice as long

yesterday morning someone had zigged when they should have zagged and had an encounter with either another car or the underside of a bridge, so the trip took quite a bit longer than it usually does

ok, so I get more afghan squares finished -- one was close to being finished when we set off, so it's done, plus the second one started and finished on the drive -- and another one more than half finished

after dinner I did do some work on projects

the chain for the necklace is all zipped -- and the loop is finished -- and I started the spiral around the tube

and the palm fronds on the Hawaii piece are almost finished

maybe a bit more work will get done today

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AlisonH said...

Oh ow, I hope they all survived!