Monday, June 27, 2011

on why I need to have more than one project at a time

I was getting pretty excited about having the stitching of the palm fronds finished

until I tried to remove the stabilizer and discovered that while removing the "tear away" stabilizer after a machine embroidery project may be easy, in this case it was not

there was a brief snit on my part -- then I set the piece aside and worked on something else so that I can consider some other approach -- fusing perhaps -- we'll see

this item was much more satisfactory

the chain for the piece that is being reworked is complete, and it looks really nice

I like that swirl of beads around the outside -- it gives the necklace a really nice textured look, but it is still comfortable to wear (yup, I tried it!)

so now I'm attaching the leather backing to the beaded pendant and while I'm working on that I'm contemplating how long the fringe needs to be

I can knit a custom Christmas sock in less than 2 weeks without a lot of strain

finished this last night

and I love how the foot came out (I was unsure how that would go since the original pattern didn't have any kind of figural in that area)

and the whole sock looks pretty cool

this means that aside from charity afghan squares I don't have anything on the sticks

there will be swatching of that green yarn that arrived a couple of weeks ago forth with

from the gratuitous cuteness file

my daughter took this picture of my grandson playing with the monkey toy I knit for him

the toy is cute -- the grandson is even cuter

love it!

these kind of pictures just make my day

time to go get that laundry done

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AlisonH said...

Oh, how cute! I love it! And the blue necklace is beautiful.