Friday, June 24, 2011

Dragon at Bay -- Quilt on it's way

every time I submit a quilt (or anything else) to a competition there is a certain amount of dragon slaying that goes on

I can say that it has gotten a lot easier, however

today when I head out the door to run some errands I'll be taking these two packages to the local mail station to send them off

the bottom one is a box full of afghan squares that go to Michigan to be turned into afghans (our last batch went to Alabama, the next group will go to Joplin, MO, and you can learn more by clicking on the Close Knit Hugs button there on the right side of the blog)

that top tube is the Hoffman Challenge entry -- about 3 weeks ahead of the deadline

so this is the next due

all of the flower is stitched down now, so this afternoon I'll be playing with some fusing to see if I can create some butterflies with wings that will stand up away from the surface

that should be interesting

and I have about half of the palm tree fronds stitched, so that project is moving along quite nicely too

the strip of right angle weave is now being rolled and made into a long skinny tube that will become the necklace "chain" for this piece

I hope to get it all "zipped" up today so I can start working on the next step -- a spiral of beads that will run around the chain

or at least that is the plan -- we'll see how that goes

got giraffes?

even leaving off the originally planned row of Santa's this is still going to be a plenty big Christmas sock for Mr Cute

the heel is turned

which means the sock is 60% complete

once again today we went out and did yard work before breakfast -- and in the hour we were outside doing that the temperature rose almost 10 degrees

its going to be a hot one

when we get back from that errand run we'll be hiding out in the family room -- the one place where we have a portable swampy cooler

time to go fix some breakfast

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AlisonH said...

Sunflowers. My juncos and finches say thank you.