Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the rework continues

progress continues on the lapis piece

the edge has been all finished and now I'm working on the bail (you can see the progress in this picture)

as soon as I get the bail done I can start on the fringing

in keeping with the "rip it out and do it again" theme that seems to be running here this week, last night the green knitting got ripped and re-cast on -- I had gotten into row number 4 before I realized exactly what the pattern meant by a couple of instructions -- heh, not "tinking" four rows of 112 stitches each -- better to just frog it and begin again

this morning I removed all of the printer cartridges from my printer to take them for recycling, and from now until my computer returns I'm without a printer -- one of the four cartridges in it needs to be replaced, but I refuse to buy another one for a printer that I've already bought a replacement for -- and I'm not willing to put the software for the new printer on the "loaner" computer

geesh -- maybe the machines are ganging up on me and telling me to go work in the studio instead!
meantime, in the garage workshop

the DH is using pieces of scrap cedar fencing to create a cool bird house

my son-in-law put up railing around the deck at his house and gave the DH some scrap pieces

this is what he built out of it

there is more of this wood -- I'm hoping for more birdhouses

speaking of birds, this morning I spotted 3 robins using the dog's wading pool as a bird bath -- wish I'd had my camera at the ready -- who knows, maybe they'll be back

time for breakfast

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AlisonH said...

Birdhouses! Very cool.