Thursday, June 23, 2011

a break for gratuitous cuteness

I haven't posted much about the ever fabulous Mr Cute for a while

I'm still working on borrowed computer time and my daughter's computer had it's mother board fail (fortunately she's still under warranty!), so we're just not working with our usual tools

Mr Cute, however has a new "tool" -- er, TOOTH!

actually I hear he now has two, but I haven't seen it yet

you can tell here that he wasn't too thrilled with his mom and I trying to get a picture of it -- sorry kid!

I did work in the studio yesterday, just don't have any pictures to show you today

and we've already mowed the back yard this morning, so after we make a trip to the grocery story I'll be back to work on stuff again

maybe some pictures tomorrow

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Oh, he's SO cute!!!

I tried to import a whole whack of pictures of my grandson and very nearly killed my computer, so I haven't been able to post any for awhile. Your little guy is just so utterly adorable. Have fun!