Wednesday, June 01, 2011

limping along

I think I'm suffering from post-conference and post computer crash blahs

lots of ideas floating around in my head, but having a hard time getting down to doing any work on anything new

on the upside of that, I'm really cranking along on the quilting of the Hoffman piece -- I'm thinking I'd like to have it close enough to finished to take it for show and tell at next Thursday evening's guild meeting -- we'll see
on Monday my local fabric store was having a blow out sale and I had a coupon for an additional 10% off my entire purchase, so the DH and I headed off to the store to look for some fabric to go with the things I picked up at the last guild meeting

I'm happy to say I found some blue fabric that works well with what I got off the put and take table, so I can start in on the charity quilt for this month

now I just have to figure out what pattern I'll use to do this

of course I had to take a look at the other fabric that was on sale

and I found this great "water" -- it looks like a creek rolling down hill to me

its the perfect thing to finally finish a piece I started in a work shop last summer and haven't completed because I just didn't like the way the bottom half of it looked

so now I have no more excuses -- except the other 3 items in the queue ahead of it -- just trying to get some creative excitement moving here
then there were these two pieces of upholstery fabrics that were on the mark down table -- $3 a yard for upholstery fabric!!

these are the kind of fabrics I like to use to make hand bags or little totes to put out on my Etsy store

another project!

I took pictures of this piece with the idea of putting it out on my Etsy store, but when I showed the pictures to the DH he said to me "would that piece be improved with some fringe?"

heh, this from the guy that thought I was nuts when I added fringe to that very first piece a while back

well, as a matter of fact, I do think it would be improved with some fringe

usually I use the same bigger beads from the piece as the end drops on fringe

in this case, because this piece was made about three years ago, I don't have any more of the materials, so some improvising will be required

I'm going to take apart the "chain" part so I can use the beads from there on the fringe, then create a new "chain" with seed beads -- maybe add a "bail" at the top of the piece too for the new "chain" to slide through -- we'll see

just before the conference I had started working on new stuff to update my website -- unfortunately, all of those files were so new I had no backup of them yet, so now I get to start over one more time --- {sigh}

well, today we'll be doing some garden work and I need to pick up something from the pharmacy then hopefully into the studio to actually get some work done

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AlisonH said...

I do love that rushing water fabric. And isn't it wonderful when the husbands come around like that?