Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gardening -- it's not just about eating

this was the harvest from yesterday's garden excursion

more broccoli and onions thinned out of the onion patch

one of the reasons we garden is we really enjoy having fresh produce that we know hasn't been sprayed with pesticides or washed with water that has something sinister in it (unless the city water system has gone amok)

it is a lot of work and we hope for only rain to fall from the sky on it, not hail

but there is something more that happens when you spend time planting and watering and weeding

you actually LOOK at the plants

I have never grown broccoli before, and the variety we are growing is not the same one you can commonly get in the grocery store, so it looks a bit different

and one of them got away from us and some of the little flowers started to open up

I cut it off and put it in a glass in the kitchen, where the flowers continued to open


perhaps this is one of the reasons many of my art quilts include some kind of botanical image

I keep my fabrics in plastic tubs sorted by color

for a while I've had a pretty tall stack of them in the corner of the studio

a few days ago the whole stack tumbled over (fortunately no one was in the way of the ensuing avalanche of plastic and fabric!)

one of the smaller tubs -- the size I'm trying to get everything moved in to -- got damaged in the fall -- there in the left hand picture you can see the fracture in the bottom of it, the result of hitting the table on the way down

yesterday I picked up those two tubs in the right hand picture -- the fabric in the broken tub will go in one of them and the fabric that was sitting on top of the stack of tubs will go in the other one plus some of the stuff from one of the big tubs -- at least that's the plan

we'll see

and when I got the tubs, I got a frame for that picture of Mr Cute

heh, looks good hanging on that wall

time to get busy

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