Thursday, August 04, 2011

the art corner, the new toy and some work

well, it only took me 7 months to make it happen but yesterday I finally got the picture my son in law painted hung

this little corner of the room is all original art work -- and I love it

(the DH, however, thinks those two pictures are too close together -- so there's a chance here that one of them will get moved slightly, just so it doesn't make him crazy!)

and sitting right in front of the bookcase that you can see the top of in the first picture is this new toy

a gift from my sister after her DH bought her a new wheel that will actually travel well in the front seat of her VW bug

it needs some oil and a new spring for the brake (being old enough that it originally just used a rubber band!)

this also means I have to remember all the little ins and outs of using it (it's been over 25 years since I actually used one -- hope it's like a bicycle!)

guess there was a reason I hadn't been successful in finding someone to spin that Jacob's Sheep fleece I have -- I'm supposed to do it myself!

since my sister was here to visit yesterday I didn't work as much on projects

I'm okay with that

I did work on this beading a bit though, and it is moving along

looking good

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Oh, that's wonderful, congratulations on the new wheel!

I'm with your husband on those two paintings needing space between, but then I grew up in a house that doubled as an art gallery with a father with firm opinions on how art is to be hung.