Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pounds of Produce

from the garden at least

cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, zucchini, a basket full of beans, a test carrot (to see how they are doing and it went to the dog as a treat)

and three green tomatoes

which are being fried for breakfast as I write this -- mmmmm, I love fried green tomatoes!

produce from the studio -- meh, not so much --

I am working on the trees -- the new trunk is stitched down and I've started on the added branches

and the quilting on the window landscape is moving along nicely too

Christmas sweater knitting is going well -- finished the second sleeve last night so now it's on to the hood

the bead work has been set aside for now -- I have not yet been able to solve the "how to" issue of what should be the next step, which means it probably won't get finished for the competition deadline -- {sigh}

for the last week I've been dealing with insurance agents and roofers trying to figure out how we'll ever be able to afford how to put on a roof after the HUGE deductible that we didn't even know we had -- it applies only to wind or hail damage, which of course is what we have -- figures (and don't you know that the insurance company knows that about this area which is why they write the policies that way!)

time to go eat those green tomatoes

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AlisonH said...

We got our first tomato yesterday too. Enjoy!