Tuesday, August 09, 2011

its a "Return" -- and going to the dark side

this quilt was completed over a year ago and sent along to its destination -- but the image keeps returning -- how cool is that?

yesterday I got an email from the curator of the exhibits that it is in, along with a link to the Flickr gallery view of the exhibit

of course I went to check it out -- and it was really cool that this is the first image you see -- WOW

you can check it out for your self by using this link

for all of the years that I have been a quilter I have been a hand quilter -- the piecing, the appliqueing and the quilting all put in with my ten little fingers

not long ago I decided that if I am ever to have a chance get all the many ideas for pieces that are in my head finished, I need to learn to use my sewing machine to do some of the work

so I signed up for a machine quilting class at my local quilting store which happens in a couple of weeks

yesterday I went and bought the required (and expensive - $100+) presser foot for my machine

the gal that checked me out asked me if I had ever put one of these on a machine, and when I said no, she took me to a machine and showed me how to do it so I'll be ready for the class -- how sweet is that!

like I said, I'm going over to the dark side -- but I'm starting to think of it as chocolate -- dark is good!
more of the yellow beads have been stitched in place, and we're on the home stretch now

looking good

and last night I finished quilting the sky of the Hawaii piece, so now I only have the quilting of the ghost hibiscus in the borders to do -- neat!

time to go mow the yard

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AlisonH said...

My dad splurged and bought my mom a quilting machine once. Huge! When they downsized, there was no way it could go in their new place. My 80-year-old mom is back to handquilting.