Friday, August 12, 2011

yellow beads -- and more

or just more yellow beads -- you decide

I might have actually finished this yesterday except I needed to get ready for the guild meeting

so that will probably happen today

I have a hard time just sitting still in any setting, so I usually take something with me to my guild meetings (and I'm not the only one in the group that sits and knits!)

here we have a completed afghan square -- I can do these practically without looking at them, which makes them ideal meeting knitting (unlike the sweater I'm working on that requires a bit more counting and keeping track)

we had a great speaker and I finished this block and did almost half of another one too

have you ever seen what happens when the caretaker comes with the fish food and dumps it into the koi pond?

last night as I was standing at the put and take table chatting with someone a guild member came in with a large shopping bag full of quilting fabrics and started dumping them onto the table

I can tell you it looked just like the feeding frenzy at the koi pond

I got some very lovely fat quarters as well as some smaller pieces that will be good to use in art quilts

there really wasn't anything that would be good for charity quilts this month, so I'll be taking a walk through my personal stash for that purpose this month

seems it was a good thing that I didn't start in on the stitching of these newly added branches

it has been pointed out to me (thank you Alison!) that these are growing the wrong way

so today I'll be pinning them turned the correct way

(and perhaps that's why I hadn't started stitching yet -- they just didn't look quite right to me yet, but I couldn't figure out why)

ok -- DUH!

time to get busy

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