Tuesday, August 23, 2011

new bird resident and a trip amongst the produce

the last week or so I've been hearing a new song out in the garden

yesterday I finally saw the bird making the sound

he is amazing calm about me being out there, as he let me get close enough this morning to take this series of pictures

we have a spotted towhee (aka rufus towhee)
so cool!

the reason I was out there with the camera in the first place was to take pictures of the riot of color happening in the garden right now

the squash patch has suddenly burst into bloom and when you get close you can literally hear it buzzing

as I was snooping around I found this pumpkin in amongst the leaves -- when did that happen!?

I've also seen two hubbards and four butternuts out there, and after finding this pumpkin, I'm pretty sure there's another one out there -- maybe more than that

we planted a heritage variety of roma tomatoes this year and they are doing really well

unlike the newer type, these are all going to ripen much closer together instead of the onesie, twosies we get from the other plant

these are longer and more pointy on the bottom too

right now it's really pretty

while we were in the grocery store yesterday I discovered a bit of interesting art

or perhaps its one of those things for kids where they say "one of these things is not like the others"

but it took a moment or two for it to register on me

after it did, I took a picture with my cell phone and used my usual work around to get it to my computer so I could show it to you (take picture with cell phone, text photo to my daughter's smart phone and ask her to email it back to me -- which she does, from her smart phone, then I can download it to my desktop) -- if only for the photo abilities I love to have a smart phone, but can't justify what it would cost!

perhaps this picture is the reason we have such political issues right now -- we aren't trying to converse about apples and oranges, we're conversing about apples and lemons!

I do love this photo though and it may have potential as inspiration for a small art quilt

there were great plans for getting a lot of things done in the studio yesterday afternoon, but about half an hour after I could actually get to them our power went off -- and stayed off until 9 last night

we had what the DH calls a "hobo" dinner -- a piece of meat and a can of beans -- all cooked on the grill -- he just peeled the label off the can, opened it up and stuck it in the grill at the same time he was cooking the meat -- hey, it works!

hopefully today we'll do better

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AlisonH said...

At least the apple and lemons are the same color. And they could dance really well together in a pie!

Love the towhee picture. I've only once ever had a spotted one show up here, just the drab California towhees, designed to blend into the landscape.