Saturday, August 13, 2011

stepping forward

yesterday I finished the quilting on the Hawaii piece and did the steam pressing to smooth it all out

this morning I plan to cut the edges (bring on the carpenter's square!) and hopefully get the facing on as well as preparing the sleeve and the label

this is definitely one of those "did I do that?" pieces

as soon as the hand work on Hawaii is complete I'll be headed full steam into the quilting of the next landscape piece

so I'll probably be searching through the boxes of quilting thread to pull out what I'll need for that today too

the yellow beads are all completed on this piece

after I put in what I though were the last beads I measured it against the metal bracelet blank this will go over and found a strip on one edge that needed a few more added -- better to find those at this stage than later when it would be much harder to fix

so today I'll start on the paws

step one of the required changes have been completed

all of the branches that had not yet been attached have been turned so they grow downward as they should

now there is just one little problem -- the branches on the left side of the big tree that had already been stitched down and are intertwined with the aspen branches -- with leaves stitched over that

the best solution I can think of is to run another redwood "trunk" up the right hand side of that closest aspen tree to account for those branches

I think that will work -- I'll try the pinning and see how it goes

think "design opportunity"

most people do this sort of experimental design work on small pieces -- heh, well, think Moonlight Sonata as a beginning piano piece!

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AlisonH said...

Until you get to the middle section of Moonlight Sonata, where all the sudden your hands have to go many times faster.

They're all beautiful. You do such nice work!