Sunday, August 07, 2011

the envelope please --- aka be careful what you ask for

the envelope arrived yesterday

the one from the library district with the jury results

I could tell by the feel of it as I carried it in from the mail box that there was more than one sheet of paper inside

it was the waited for FAT envelope, telling me that my art work had been accepted for not just one show, but two! -- one in November and one in December

which of course doesn't give me a whole lot of time to get ready for them -- and to add to that, I don't really have any idea where either of the libraries where my work will hang it -- I'll be making a couple of "field trips" to check them out

I don't think this has quite sunk in yet
let me introduce you to the next PIT (project in transition) on the drawing board

(keeping in mind that I need to have about a dozen pieces to hang for those two shows)

I began this piece last summer in a workshop (where I totally digressed from the instructor's pattern and directions)

the bottom of it is just not finished -- it had some rocks fused on there when I brought it home, but I pulled them off because the scale of them just wasn't right -- I recently found the water print fabric and my new plan is to create a stream in the bottom third of this piece

time to get working!
this is the newly re-landscaped front corner of the yard

for several years we have tried every summer to kill off the weeds and get grass to grow in this spot along the sidewalk and the driveway to no avail

this year we got drastic

the DH spent a couple of days digging up the old grass and weeds, creating a neatly shaped area and yesterday we put down the weed stop cloth, the landscape timbers, the mulch and planted two new little fountain grass plants that will eventually fill out to cover much of the space

I think it looks much better
and in the later afternoon I worked on this some more

the bead embroidery field is now over 50% complete -- YIPPEE!!

I'm moving right along in the quilting of the Hawaii piece too -- now working in the area of the sky, so the end is getting closer!

time for some breakfast

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