Wednesday, August 31, 2011

when life gives you tomatoes

make sauce!

that tray of tomatoes (plus about half again that many) made all this

and we decided to do just plain sauce -- added a bit of salt and some lemon juice and put it up that way so we can use it for all kinds of things -- Italian cooking, Greek cooking -- even a batch of homemade tomato soup if that's what sounds good at the time

simple, easy, and beautiful -- not to mention the lovely sound of the jars going "ping!" as the sealed one by one

since I'm feeling so much better -- off the pain meds now that the bad tooth is out -- I got a lot more work done on the bracelet

almost finished!

and the work on the landscape quilt is moving right along too -- just one more small mountain to quilt before I move on to doing the sky -- and I'm pleased with the way it looks too

under the category of "don't pick up 400 stitches around a sweater while on pain meds" -- last night I got to rip the original pick up out and do it over -- wow were those weird looking -- tonight I'll get to actually start in on the ribbed band

time to get moving -- need to mow that front yard

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AlisonH said...

There's nothing quite like that ping of accomplishment.