Monday, August 15, 2011

design repair, new beginnings and frustration

my idea to run another tree trunk in the redwoods worked!

after fiddling with size and spacing I settled on this arrangement, and I've actually started stitching the branches down now

it feels much better

the thread for doing the quilting on this project took a while to select

the spools for the landscape were pretty easy -- shades of blues and grays for the sky, mountain and water; white for the snow; browns, oranges, rust and tans for the vegetation

the wood framing --- not so much

it looks like old weathered wood and other than the dark brown that separates the planks, it is an unusual combination of purples, greens and a sort of silvery beige

I actually started working on the quilting of this last night by stitching vertical lines of dark brown in the yellow orange band so it looks like the trunks of little scrub oaks -- I'll use the oranges and yellow to do swirly quilting around those to finish those little shrubs

a nice beginning

the bead work project is just making me crazy -- the original idea of what was to happen next is just not working -- I know, another design opportunity -- just haven't found the work around yet

time to get to that laundry

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AlisonH said...

I really, really like that wood framing. That's perfect!