Wednesday, August 10, 2011

working on the redwoods

finally got the table in the studio all cleared off so I could spread out the trees piece

I mixed two different shades of green airbrush ink then added textile medium and started stamping

about an hour later I decided I'd stamped enough and I needed to let it all dry so I can decide where I need to go next

and that is probably to the sewing machine to create some stitched parts to attach

I also think there need to be branches that look like they come out of the center of the trunks

there will be some more research and sketching

just another design opportunity

2 more hours of beading done yesterday, and now each "row" goes faster because they are getting shorter

so I'm starting to think about the next step on this piece

foot prints and tails

all will be explained in time!

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AlisonH said...

Follow the yellow brick road.

We have a redwood over our house; its textures and colors fascinate me endlessly.