Saturday, August 06, 2011

waiting to exhale

sometimes when I'm doing something difficult I find myself holding my breath

this week I held my breath, took photos of the finished coneflower quilt (both the whole image and a detail shot) and packaged it up to mail it off for the competition

it has to be there by a week from Monday (Aug 15), so it really was time to stop fooling around and get it in the box

as I write this the mailing tube is waiting for my post man to come and pick it up

so now I'm trying to get the Hawaii piece complete so I can take similar pictures of it

because I'm working myself up to applying to a really big competition and I only have until August 31 to do the paperwork

no actual quilt piece required here, just really good pictures of five pieces that I've already done, and the competition is to be one of 32 people chosen to create a specific size piece for a future series of exhibits

I really want to get to do that


the field of yellow is growing

it is almost half finished

feels like this one is moving like the proverbial molasses in January

just because its so - so - boring!

ok, I just keep telling myself that the results will be worth it

today we're going to do some work in the front yard where we're redoing the area around the mail box -- the necessary evil of being a homeowner!

time to get something to eat before heading out to work

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