Wednesday, August 03, 2011

first UFO

here in Esmerldas Studio we have a very narrow description of what qualifies as a UFO

because we may have as many as half a dozen projects in the works at once, almost everything is being designed, being stitched, being quilted or is currently classified as a "project in transition"

so for the most part we have no UFOs only PITs (heh, yeah)

this piece, however, has been officially deemed the first true UFO

when I created it about 8 years ago my intent was to use it to create a sign to hang in my craft booth at shows with the studio name and city on it -- because of that I made it as a very basic, simplified piece

well, fast forward 8 years and the past couple of weeks we've been working on drawings for a piece that is loosely titled "Colorado quilt" -- and our original intent had been to pull this piece out and use it with some additions as the center of that quilt

except my style and ability to work in smaller details has changed so much that it just won't fit in the vision we have for this project

so this one is going in the box to be held until next July when my local quilt guild holds their birthday party and we bring UFOs to exchange in a spirited game of "pirate" -- fun!

and we'll be designing a whole new center for that new project

two more hours of work put in on this project yesterday -- looking very good

if I can continue to put in that daily time this should be ready for the next step by this time next week

not bad!

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AlisonH said...

Would you forgive me if I said Mick Jagger went out in the Colorado mountains without a clue nor his jacket and his lips turned blue?