Saturday, August 20, 2011

new jewelry

for my name badge lanyard anyway

the box arrived yesterday with this year's Hoffman challenge quilt in it

since it didn't make the cut for the show it has returned home

(which means I have it in hand to hang in the solo shows later in the year -- a good thing)

in the box with it was this cool cloisonne pin that I put right on to the lanyard that the name badge I wear for guild activities is on -- its kind of like merit badges for Girl Scouts

the pin was not the only thing in the box with the quilt however

there was also a fat quarter of this cool fabric and two spools of Sulky thread

the NEW Sulky thread that is variegated


not sure yet what I'll use that fabric for, but I'm sure it will be useful somewhere

this morning I'm heading off to a class at my local quilt store -- going to learn about using my sewing machine and the newly acquired walking foot to do machine quilting

time to get moving!

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AlisonH said...

Have fun playing with that fabric and thread! New toys!

I have a walking foot for my Bernina, actually quilted a quilt with it once for my child's teacher who just after was diagnosed with cancer. I will forever be glad I made the investment, even though I don't think I've really used it since.