Tuesday, January 15, 2013

another finished project

some time in the studio yesterday and another project complete! 

this is a quilt top for my local guild's charity drive 

every year we make quilts for Safe Passage, a local group that works with doctors and the police department with abused children 

unfortunately, in our little village they go through 800 quilts a year 

I turned in two quilt tops at last week's meeting --- once again this year I'm going to try to turn in at least one a month 

many of the fabrics I use for these come from the "put and take" table at the guild meetings (I came home with some more pieces last Thursday) and working on these at the sewing machine is good "meditation" time for planning art quilts  

a little more work got done on this piece too 

it's 5 7/8 inches long now, so I'm closing in on how long it needs to be 

 the clasp I'm using this time is different that the ones I've used before, so I'm not sure exactly how much length it will add to the piece --- I'll probably put one piece of the clasp on the "beginning" end of the piece and measure to determine how much more beading needs to be done
Mr Cute is in new day care 

they send my daughter updates during the day via text on her cell phone so she has an idea what to expect when she picks him up 

yesterday they sent this photo Mr Cute is Mr Cool! 

love it 

today we need to go out to the grocery store -- we've been "holed up" avoiding the cold since Friday, so it's time to venture out!

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AlisonH said...

I love the quilt. I'm sorry for the need for it, but thank you for doing that.

And Mr. Cute is absolutely adorable!