Friday, January 11, 2013

out with the old, in with the new

the original storm door on our house has not been doing a good job for a while 

despite repeated reapplications of weather stripping, it still leaked enough cold air that the hallway at the front door was a lot colder than it should have been

and the screen part had long since given up the ghost compounded by the parts being no longer available to repair it 

at Christmas time my sister, brother-in-law and nephew gave us a very cool present --- gift cards to our local hardware store 

last week we went and picked out our new storm door this morning it was delivered, installed and the old one carted away --- whoo hooo! 

 there is a lot more glass in the new one, so the dog won't be tempted to jump up and put her feet on the top panel where the screen is, which should extend the life of the screen a lot! 

now I need to get a quart of exterior paint that matches the paint on the door and the trim so I can take care of the rest of the job! 

 last night I attended the monthly meeting of my local quilt guild 

 the plan for programs this year is quite different than we've had for a while, and we started off the year with a brief (and very entertaining) lesson on basic color theory and a challenge 

each of us was given a package of 40 pieces of fabric --- all solids

we are to create something using at least 21 of those pieces and have it ready to show at our November meeting 

 cool I already have a design in mind! 

(yeah, yeah, I know, do I really need another project in the works? eh, maybe not, but since the design came to me so easily, I may be able to use it for some other purpose as well, so I'm going to go with it!) 


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