Sunday, January 13, 2013


another corner block for the baby quilt I've been working on is complete 

which leaves only one more corner -- the bison -- which I would have started last night except I'm going to have to go back to the stash tubs and find the right brown/black fabric to do his head 

nothing I had already pulled out is quite right  

this project is moving right along too 

just over 2.5 inches long

the theme for this challenge is Japan and my idea here was to mimic the look of the old traditional sashiko embroidery --- so far I'm very pleased 

yesterday afternoon I spent some time making order in the studio and cutting 2.5 inch strips to create a new charity quilt (which I hope to start sewing on today or tomorrow)

I've started doing the stitching on the first of the three pieces I'll be doing based on this little drawing (after spending several studio sessions doing fabric selection and the fusing of the "windows" to the pieces

simple stitching for a complex idea


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