Wednesday, January 16, 2013

time at the sewing machine

when I made the pot grabbers that were Christmas gifts, I had some of the special heat reflective batting left over just enough (barely!) to make these up for my daughter 

I originally was going to use the same black and white/yellow and white checked fabric that I've made other kitchen stuff for her from, but decided that fabric was not sturdy enough to use for this purpose 

this black and white fabric is better (and it's a left over from making her a skirt last summer) 

 ta da! 

the next project in there at the machine is to make Mr Cute a second "car quilt" -- I had some odd bits and pieces of fleece from other fall and winter projects, and have been cutting them into squares to put together for this one --- pictures to follow!

the peyote stitching is finished and the clasp is on 

all of the little thread joinings have been touched with fray check (but not trimmed yet) 

I really like how clean and neat this piece looks, and because of the beads I decided to use (cobalt and white with an AB finish) the color nearly glows 

 I'm still not sure if I'm going to add the cherry blossoms or not -- I like the idea, but I also like the sleek look of this piece just as it is (ok, I am going to trim those thread ends!) 

probably will try to work up some blossoms and see what I think by laying them on there just to look at 

what do you think?

 I can nearly knit these things in my sleep 

I can definitely knit them in almost total darkness 

 yesterday I mailed off a box full to the group that puts the squares together -- and there are now six in another box -- five that wouldn't fit in that box plus this one 

right now the ladies are putting together afghans that are going to victims of Hurricane Sandy -- we've already sent off one batch there 

(who knew we could knit up a batch of afghans faster than congress could agree to financial aid for those folks -- geesh!)

 this evening I have a meeting with a local art quilt group --- we haven't gotten together since October, so it will be interesting to see what everyone has been working on


AlisonH said...

Wry laugh there--kudos to all who worked on those afghans.

Love the bracelet. Very pretty.

Verona said...

This is cool!