Thursday, January 10, 2013

exercising that word for the year

ta da! 

yesterday I finally finished another of the pieces for the visioning project! 

this one had to do with line and motion 

at the same time I was working on this for the visioning project, my local smaller art group was talking about the work of Klimt, and using his work as inspiration for fiber art 

this piece fit in both places!  

slow steady progress is being made on this piece 

 the original deadline for this was January 31, which has now been pushed out to February 28, so I'll be setting this aside in the next day or so to work on something that has a closer deadline 

I do like the way this is going  

time in the car to go set up a quilt show meant more knitting got done!

 two more afghan squares for the new box  

 I talked about Brave being the word for 2013 

apparently I'm going to have lots of opportunity to exercise it 

I drew this doodle while I was on the phone for over an hour (mostly on hold) trying to solve a problem with the new insurance I was supposed to have on January 1 but as of today still do not, and then more time trying to get authorization for the medication that the DH needs 

guess I jumped the gun getting excited about this whole having insurance thing --- I think it is not really going to happen

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AlisonH said...

Good luck with the insurance.