Friday, January 18, 2013

something else finished

another block for the baby quilt 

 all of the corner pieces are finished 

today I'll be picking through the tubs to find the proper fabrics for the moose which is the big center block 

 this piece is just quietly moving along  

 time in the studio yesterday was spent finishing up this piece for Mr Cute 

 about a year ago I made him a car blanket out of scraps left from other fleece projects 

his mama asked if there was a chance of having another one so there would be one to wash and one to use 

I just happen to have a few more fleece scraps left over from making Halloween costumes and sweat suits 

 this is much more of a "little boy" blanket than the first one was 

I hope he'll like it  

after fiddling with the cherry blossom idea I decided that less is more on this piece 

I'll be listing it in my Etsy store and entering it in the competition in the next couple of days  

remember this? 

I'm back to working on it 

yesterday I created the ring around the big partial clock face that is the bottom section of the piece 

I'm not sure exactly what comes next -- this one has been a "happening" right along, so that's no surprise 

we're just going to see where it all goes


AlisonH said...

Oh, I really like the buffalo!

Suddenly picturing a bit of buffalo yarn for a forelock on it. I have some, but it's dyed green.

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