Sunday, January 27, 2013

the lil' ol' sausage makers

for a number of years the DH has been making our breakfast sausage 

running the fresh pork through the meat grinder attachment of my Kitchen Aid mixer, adding the spicing, packing it up for the freezer 

trouble was we didn't have any way to do "links", because that required another special attachment 

for Christmas our daughter got it for us 


 we made the trip on Friday to a local meat processing shop (a place where you can take your deer to be cut and wrapped after the hunt) and got some sausage casing 

and here are some of the somewhat bumpy sausages from yesterday's making 

we learned that this is for us a two person operation -- one of us has to load the meat through the top of the stuffer while the other one handles the casing end -- ok, we can do this 

it was a very tasty breakfast!

a bit more work on the bead project 

this is coming right along 

earlier in the day I did quite a bit of work on the next pieces for the Visioning Project 

and some quilting on the baby quilt -- I was thinking about doing this on the machine, but in the end decided I didn't want to risk damaging it with some machine work error, so I'm doing it by hand --- I really need to use the Visioning Project as a place to do some practicing on that 

things are moving along

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AlisonH said...

Looks delicious! And did you see the echo in the photos? The beads going round and round in nice browns, as I can imagine the machine doing as it churns out the mixture and then the color it will turn into when it's all ready to eat.