Sunday, January 20, 2013

thoughts about being a good neighbor

we live in a "mixed" neighborhood 

by that I mean there is a wide range of ages from us who are retired from the day jobs to the newest neighbors on the block who have children the age of our grandson 

 I don't know all of them by name, but I do recognize their faces and we wave on sight 

earlier this week, in mid-afternoon, my doorbell rang 

standing on my porch was the girl that lives next door to us -- she asked if she could use my phone to call her mom and let her know that she was home (she couldn't find her own phone) 

I was happy to let her do that --- and after she talked to her mom, I made sure she had a key to get in at her house and told her if she needed anything to just come and knock on the door 

yesterday she was back -- bringing us this thank you note (that included inside a note from her mom thanking us and letting us know how grateful she is that she knows we're looking out for her daughter) 

 I'm touched 

sometimes doing the right thing gets an unexpected reward!  

progress on this piece is moving slowly along 

I admit that I've sort of lost the passion for it, which means it feels like I'm slogging along through something that seems to be taking forever 

 hopefully that feeling will get better as I get closer to finished!  

one more afghan square -- slowly filling up another box -- there's always somewhere that needs the afghans that come out of this project

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AlisonH said...

I love it! Wonderful! I had a similar experience at our last house; I got to meet the new neighbors by rescuing their two young girls who were locked out after school, making it clear I was a safe place to come to anytime.

While my kids were growing up here, they were the only kids around in what's been an older neighborhood. Which means it was our turn to receive. When my daughter crashed her bike at 13, a retired teacher down the block took care of her till I could race over to her in the street.

(p.s. and the elementary kept the kid's broken helmet as a fervent example of this is why we wear these.)