Tuesday, June 01, 2010

you guys fooling with the fence -- stop it!

heh, yeah --- much faster than I thought it would be, too

finished putting up the slats in the two open panels of the fence yesterday

(hey I thought this was Memorial Day, not Labor Day!!)

and I do love my zebra fence -- one new slat, two old slats, repeat -- until you're running out of slats then you do one and one and finally one old, two new

really, REALLY, happy to have this all finished because now we can trim the big evergreen that is to the left just out of the picture and rototill the rest of the area and get the corn planted!

I got the green light to do this quilt yesterday, so I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had a "10% off entire purchase" coupon at my local store, so I went and got the fabrics to start in on the project

(oh yeah, I got some fabrics for the other quilt I'm getting ready to start too!)

this morning the fabrics got washed and dried and the blow-ups of the drawings that I will turn into patterns have been done, so this afternoon I can start kitting this up to work on

whooo hooooo

since this project was getting close to ready for borders and backing, I decided to take advantage of that sale to get those things for it

I want to make this look like a picture in a frame, so I got a sort of cream on cream patterned fabric for the matting (and the back too), a batik gold for the piping, and a wood grain looking deep brown for the outside "frame" and the binding

laying it out on the table gave me a chance to see what it will look like when I get those things stitched to the edges, and I'm really pleased

one more afghan square complete -- number 37

and the sleeves of the Christmas sweater are now finished!! next step is to put the sleeves into the sweater, then pick up stitches around the neck for the hood

about half of the Christmas afghan is sewn together

moving right along on those Christmas projects!!

time to get to it -- fields to plow, fabric to cut

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AlisonH said...

Wow, you guys are good!