Friday, July 30, 2010

and the race is on

and I'm beginning to wonder -- in my sleep deprived screwy brain -- which of these two fences will be finished first

the saga of the outdoor fence continues -- it was a week ago yesterday that it came down and we begin this morning with new posts set and part of the cross pieces (to which the fence boards will be attached) installed

which means we've had over a week of the dog not getting her usual free range of the yard

which also means she has started waking me at odd times (translate "EARLY!" times) asking to go out

like at 5:10 this morning -- and again (just as I was drifting off to sleep) at 5:45

so, okay, I'm up already

the other fence actually is progressing nicely

yesterday I got the label and the sleeve stitched on the back and started last night on the beaded center of the big sunflower

but seriously -- I'm still not sure which one of these fences will be done first!!

time to go mow the lawn

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