Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to getting some work done

as much as I'd like to just go and play with all the new toys I got over the weekend, I do have some impending deadlines, so it was important to actually do some work

and the weather was so nasty yesterday that it really wasn't hard to just settle into my recliner and stitch and stitch and STITCH until I finally finished the quilting on the curtains down the left side of the Hoffman piece

now that these are done I'm really happy I paid attention to that off handed remark in my applique group, because I love the way that quilting gave the piece texture

when I finished that I was going to just start in on the hat that is right there against the curtain

except I still just didn't like the way it looked -- it was too "puffy"

so I carefully picked out the stitching around the brim, trimmed down the fabric and by the end of the session yesterday I had reattached it

and quilted that entire piece in concentric rings -- sort of like the pattern you would see in a straw hat

I'm much happier about the way it looks now

I'll be tackling the detail in the flower petals next -- I'm thinking that will be another one of those "it takes forever" things since there are so many, but there's no going back on this detail now!
design ideas come in may disguises

its "stone fruit" season -- and our store had apricots and cherries that we got on Monday when we went to pick up a few things

this was this morning's fruit bowl that I was preparing to take with me to the computer

"Fruit Sundae"

this might be a fun thing to make into a small quilted piece either for my Etsy store or perhaps to donate for the SAQA auction (something I was asked about over the weekend, but I admit I don't know a lot about)

today I need to run a couple of errands before I can settle back into the stitching -- time to get moving


AlisonH said...

Still life with fruit. Deadlines tend to make a person forget to be still a moment, yet there's something about a beautiful bowl of fruit like that that makes one want to just stop a moment and enjoy.

Dorothy said...

If you quit it, I would suggest improvising a prettier bowl....would be more fun to pick fabric for!