Sunday, May 01, 2011

things to do while recovering

having my back tether me to my recliner did have some up sides - while I'm sitting with ice on me, I can do hand work

like this, for instance

the final feather on the hat is complete

and after I took this picture I sat at the table and pinned the layers together (back, bat, top) so it is now ready for the next step

let the quilting begin!
and there is this project

I'm knitting a vest for a friend as a Christmas gift

this is 10% done

and you can actually tell there is a cable up that front edge now

this pattern was written to be knit in pieces, but I hate sewing seams in knitwear, so I modified it and I'm doing the whole thing in one piece -- at least as far as the arm holes, so a row takes a while -- 240 stitches worth!
then there is the whole monkey business

love this pattern, and its coming right along!

on Friday I started the head piece and by the end of last evening I had the head, the nose and the ears all knit and ready to be stuffed and stitched

this is going to be a very cute monkey!

more rows got finished on the afghan for Christmas project too

and I found the beads that I need to do the fringe on that black necklace that I talked about yesterday

yup, even when I've been sidelined by the back pain, I have been able to get some things done
a couple of days ago the DH planted broccoli plants in the garden

they are cool weather plants, and under normal early spring conditions should have been fine

when the weather man announced yesterday afternoon that our temperatures could drop into the low 20s and TEENS (!) last night, we figured some sort of protection was in order even for those cool weather plants

we went out with cardboard boxes and some wood to weigh them down just in case of wind

today it is still very chilly, so we'll be leaving these little "incubators" out there until tomorrow

so now it's back to my recliner and the ice packs and the advil -- and I can say that its better, just I want it to be better faster!!

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AlisonH said...

Wow. Brrr. I love how the quilt is coming out, meantime.