Tuesday, May 24, 2011

more about the conference plus gratuitous cuteness

conference registrations are all different, but most all of them have something in common -- the goodies -- and the SAQA conference was no different

the goodies were AWESOME

inside the lovely tote bag (donated by Dharma Trading Co.) was this cardboard box with three bottles of Stewart Gill paint (in those lovely sea and sky colors that I like working with!) and what looks like Easter basket grass there in the box is actually Angelina fiber -- which is also in that color family

then there was this package of five spools of Aurifil thread -- in those same colors with some warm contrast colors added

one of these spools says "wool"

all of these goodies are things that I've heard a lot about, but not had the chance to try, so I'm looking forward to some future "play dates" with them

also in the tote bag were copies of a couple of magazines (Quilters Newsletter and Machine Quilter) a conference schedule, a note pad and pen and several postcards that were for local groups and exhibits
at our final banquet, there were clear plastic boxes of fabric that served as center pieces

after dessert, they were given away

I was thrilled to win the box on our table

each piece is a full yard of one of the new Robert Kaufman batik prints

mmmmmmm, more fabric stash!!

the dark one looks very much like redwood fronds, so some of this may end up getting used on the Trees piece


during the lunch breaks I did a bit of designing

my plan for each of these patterns is to create a 3 inch wide beaded cuff bracelet

the pattern on the left will be in browns/rusts/creams -- giraffe like, and the one on the right will be black and white -- the last zebra like bracelet sold pretty quickly, and I'm hoping another one will do likewise
between sessions of the conference and on Sunday I got to spend time with Mr Cute!

since I had last seen him, he had learned to roll himself over when ever he wants to, and he has figured out how to hold himself up on his elbows or hold up his backside on his knees

I predict it won't be long before he figures out how to do both at once, which will put him nose to nose with his mama's little dog

which should be a lot of fun

sooooooooo cute!!

besides doing a few little stitching projects for my daughter on Sunday and continuing to work on the Hoffman piece (more about that soon) I managed to finish one charity afghan square and get another one about half done

this morning I was awakened by the sound of thunder and small hail hitting the windows -- it is supposed to continue to rain off and on today and tomorrow, so I may get more done inside that I originally thought I would

laundry is underway, more work will get done on the Hoffman piece and I still have many pictures to download of the Thursday night quilt show

time to get moving!


AlisonH said...

Oh, he's so cute! He steals the show!

Nancy said...

Great review of conference. Next time I would register early enough to stay at the Brown. Nancy

FunkyC said...

I dyed and printed your tote bag donated by Dharma! So glad you liked it.