Monday, May 30, 2011

new project, finished block and a big CRASH

its ready for the stitching

based on the sketch I did at lunch during the Visioning Conference, the outlines have been transferred to the stabilizer and it has been sandwiched with the batting

yesterday morning I went through the box of black beads and the box of white beads and pulled out all of the tubes of beads to do the stitching --- hoping to get it started today

right after I posted my blog yesterday, we had a serious CRASH

when I went back to my computer to do some more work, all I had was a black screen with the following words in white: "no operating system found"


I tried restarting --- nope, same message

so I asked the DH if I could use his computer -- only to discover that his had reverted to the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) -- FATAL ERROR

insert here the appropriate screeching and gnashing of teeth

I put in a call to my sister -- could I bring the two corpses to her for my brother-in-law to take a look at?

we arranged a meeting place and I packed them up

fortunately they had a computer I could have on loan while he tries to resurrect them

I have no idea what happened, but it must have come in on the wireless network -- even though it is a secured network (password required), even though neither one of us was on line at the time, even though I run SpyBot and a virus scan religiously every week

and the biggest ouch is that I had just pulled a lot of stuff onto my desktop because I was going to burn a lot of back up CDs -- including all of the pictures from the SAQA "This Is A Quilt" exhibit, and all my progress shots for the month of May, and who knows what else because I'm sure I'll be remembering some file or another for a while and then discovering it was on the crashed computer

I'm hoping he can rescue my data, and get the computers back to operational, and I think I'm officially DONE with wireless -- yes it's convenient not to be tethered, but I can't do this crashing thing

I'll also be looking into an off site place to back up my data on a DAILY basis -- its obvious that my current weekly or monthly burning to CDs plan is not working
and this would be the upside of having to make an emergency run to Denver

the opportunity for some unplanned charity knitting

finished another afghan square!

today's plan involves mowing the back yard, setting up a watering system in the garden and a run to the fabric store (they're having a big sale today) to try to find some coordinating fabric to put with the fabric I got from the put and take table at guild meeting to make some charity quilts

time to get to it

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AlisonH said...

Oh I am so sorry! I hope it works out okay.