Wednesday, May 11, 2011

quilting the curtain

one of the things that has been a big challenge in the Hoffman challenge piece I'm doing is what sort of a quilting pattern I could use that would accent the design without obscuring it

at one of my applique group meetings, someone suggested I quilt on all the swirls on the curtain fabric

at the time I thought "that's nuts!", but as I spent the hours and hours and HOURS stitching the feathers on the surface, I thought about that idea and in the end decided it wasn't so nuts after all

just so you can get an idea of how much more there is to quilt, here is a picture of the entire piece

and the part that has actually been quilted is that corner on the bottom left -- below the big hat and to the left of the little hat

this is very time consuming, but I really like the way its looking so far

and it means I've still got time to think about what sort of patterning I'll quilt in the corner at the top right

yesterday I went to the website for the State Fair and downloaded the information for the Fine Arts division

I have never entered anything in that division, but after the conversation I had with the curator last year, I'm seriously considering it this year

which means I need to get to it and finish the series that I started with this idea in mind, but have been side tracked into other projects since --- a deadline is a good thing -- it keeps me focused

after about a week of spending a couple of hours every day doing some kind of yard work, we're having a very cool, windy day today, so I'll be spending my time in the studio working on projects -- a good thing!

about 2 weeks ago I started my charity quilt top for this month then I hurt my back and couldn't sit at the sewing machine -- yesterday I was able to get back to it, and I plan to finish it today (a good thing, our guild meeting is tomorrow!)

and since that won't take too long, I hope to get started on the art pieces -- perhaps some pictures of them tomorrow!


AlisonH said...

Take good care of that back. The quilt is gorgeous!

Nancy G said...

Quilting all those swirls might be nuts, but it's also very effective. Really nice work!
I hope you get a chance to work on (and maybe finish?) the afghan while the weather is so nice and cool.